Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Neckbones Live Coming Soon to Oxford...

What's that, you say? Yeah, you heard it right. The Neckbones are performing in their hometown of Oxford Friday, July 16th, starting at 10:00 PM. They will be at Proud Larry's on The Square. Don't know exactly where that is but I will find it.

The Neckbones were an insane punk band from Oxford, Mississippi. They put out two albums in the mid to late 1990's. Their music could best be described as a very drunken and adrenaline fueled Stooges. They are known for imbibing more than a bit much and often passing out in mid-performance. These guys know the true meaning of punk and are obsessed with gambling and drinking and B-Movies. Man can they put on a show!

Anyways, that was the 1990's and this is 2010. They haven't released anything new that I know of since the 1990's. I think this is more of a reunion gig than anything else but I may be wrong. I don't care if they're all in their mid 30's now and have straightened themselves out maybe. I just want to hear some Neckbones!

Calabrese: Children of the NIght

A bit of Calabrese from their 2007 release "The Traveling Vampire Show". Here's "Children of the Night". How many "woahhs" can you fit into one song? Brilliant.

Calabrese: They Call Us Death

This is what I've been waiting for for a long time...a new Calabrese album! These guys are the Kings of horror-punk. Second only to The Misfits. I picked this one up yesterday and I've been hooked.

"They Call Us Death" is a very strong release from Calabrese. It heads in a darker direction that their previous efforts. The feel is not quite the same as the sometimes mindless, catchy, cartoonish evil of their previous efforts. This album delves into a bit deeper and darker direction. Don't get me wrong, this record is full of face-melting speed and hooks that will remain in your head forever. There is something darker and more macabre amiss here, an overall theme of death. The guitar work and chords are more complex and rich. The pace is unrelenting, and the hellish energy level never lets up. The sound of this album is a more of a deep, blood red crimson than the usual run of the mill black. I would compare it to The Misfits "Earth AD" in a way. Brutal, yet the hooks are still there. It is not necessarily as fast, but the feel reminds me of that album. The choruses are super catchy, top notch, and never let up. Another killer record from Calabrese. Pick it up right away, it will rip the flesh from your bones.

Here's the first track.

Get Off the Road

The theme song from Herschell Gordon Lewis' movie "She Devils on Wheels". An incredible, fun, violent, and dirty flick. The best female biker movie ever made...and also one of the best movie theme songs! Herschell wrote the song himself! Here's "Get Off the Road". Enjoy.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Baroness: Blue Record

Ok. I know I'm a bit late here on this. This album came out last year, but I just recently picked it up, and this disc has been glued to my ears ever since. I wasn't very impressed with their previous release "The Red Album", but Baroness' latest "The Blue Record" has blown me away.

Where do I even start here? First of all, Baroness has morphed into a perfect blend of Fugazi, King Crimson, Mastodon, and The Sword. Smart, disturbing prog metal morphs with hardcore melodies and ages old heavy as hell metal riffery. What you have is an extremely addictive mix. The vocals are tough yet melodic. The musicianship is excellent. Everything is melodic yet heavy. You will find that every track on this album will be rattling around in your head for eternity, driving you insane in a good way for more Baroness.

Even the instrumental tracks have a power on this disc. "Blue Record" is designed to be listened to from start to finish. No interruptions. There are many recurring themes. The instrumentals serve as the proverbial glue that holds this album together. In a way, this disc reminds of the albums of Captain Beyond and early Black Sabbath, where every note counts, no matter how quiet or incidental. Every sound is integral to the album as a whole.

"The Blue Record" is incredible. Doom, apocalypse, and beauty await your ears. Pick it up now if you haven't already.

Descendents: Coolidge

"I looked up one day and saw that it was up to me. You can only be a victim if you admit defeat." What a motivating song COOLIDGE is. If you've got angst, this is the cure. Very crucial song in my late teen/very early 20's years. You can never go wrong with The Descendents.

Orange Goblin: Jesus Beater

Orange Goblin with John Garcia on guest vocals. Cool! Incredible song. From COUP DE GRACE.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Charles Mingus: Oh Lord Don't Let Them Drop That Atomic Bomb On Me

A killer Charles Mingus track, from OH YEAH. One of Charles Mingus' best albums....many great and powerful songs are on this disc. Very high energy here...demon possessed jazz and devil blues. Mingus in top form. Give it a listen. .

Graveyard: Lost in Confusion

Excellent. The Doors meet Witchcraft meet The Cult meet Danzig. Leave it to the this band. Here's LOST IN CONFUSION by GRAVEYARD. From their one and only selt-titleed debut album...hope they have many more.

Monster Magnet: I Control, I Fly

Face-melting space rock. Countdown to blast-off...

Fu Manchu: Hogwash

Crank it.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Chrome: Abstract Nympho

Mind-bending, psychedelic space punk. Enjoy.

Wino: Secret Realm Devotion

A little Wino for your Friday evening. From his solo album PUNCTUATED EQUILIBRIUM. One of the best songs from there...SECRET REALM DEVOTION.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Female Trouble Theme Song

Just because...

The Cure: Boys Don't Cry

Some old school of their best.

The Cramps: Strangeness in Me

Beautiful, melancholy song by The Cramps. One of their best. From LOOK MOM NO HEAD, here's THE STRANGENESS IN ME. Dig.

Mastodon: Aqua Demetia

Excellent early Mastodon, from the LEVIATHAN album. It reminds of the best moments of early Voivod and Coroner. Mindbending, heavy as hell prog metal. Here's AQUA DEMENTIA. Enjoy.

Swans: Where Does a Body End?

A brilliantly bleak yet strangely beautiful and uplifting song from The Swans' THE GREAT ANNIHILATOR. Here's WHERE DOES A BODY END? Enjoy.

Friday, March 12, 2010

The Germs: Caught In My Eye

Gotta love The Germs. Very deep, original, and unsettling while still maintaining that loud, obnoxious punk vibe. Here's CAUGHT IN MY EYE, one of their best songs.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Monster Magnet: Brainstorm

Some most excellent space rock. Monster Magnet's smoking, face-melting cover of Hawkwind's BRAINSTORM. Enjoy.

Cathedral: Hopkins (The Witchfinder General)

In a devil music kind of way today.

Cathedral: Vampire Sun

One of my personal favorite Cathedral songs. Good wholesome, head-banging, devil-worshipping, drugged out fun.

Monster Magnet: King of Mars

Faith No More: Underwater Love