Saturday, December 26, 2009

Voivod: "Forgotten in Space"

Brilliant cyber-thrash from Voivod's 1987 album "Killing Technology". Deranged and heavy...never be "Forgotten in Space".

Rozz Williams' "Every King a Bastard Son"

This song is from Rozz Williams' solo album "Every King a Bastard Son". What a frightening and unsettilng mood piece this entire album is. Mostly spoken word poetry layered over a hellish, spine tingling, and nerve racking atmospheric layer of sound. I cannot give kudos to this album enough. Do not listen to it alone in the dark. I do not have a good copy of this album. I do have a old dub of it on tape. "Every King a Bastard Son" is long out of print, and I wish someone could re-relase this. It is Rozz's finest moment outside of Christian Death. This is my number one most disturbing yet listenable album of all time.

Here's "The Evil Ones". Pretty tame compared to the rest of the album, but it's the only one I could find. Still creepy enough. When and if this ever comes back into print expect a full -on review.

A Little Christian Death for Your Weekend...

Nothing hits the spot like a little Christian Death every now and then, especially if Rozz Williams is in the driver's seat. His poetic, perverse gloomy vocals and song structures are outright addictive. Here's "Ashes" and "Sleepwalk". Rozz Williams' Christian Death at it's finest.

Saint Vitus: I Bleed Black

I know I've posted plenty about Saint Vitus before, but the cold gloom strikes, and Vitus is it's perfect companion. Here's "I Bleed Black", from their album "V". The combination of crushing doom, psychedelic guitar work ripped from the bowels of hell, and Scott Weinrich's down to Earth vocals seem to calm me for some reason. Give this song a listen, and give this whole album a whirl for that matter. It emanates a vibe that remains unparalleled in all of hippie/doom-dom.


I've always loved The Stooges. They came out with three incredibly solid albums plus a plethora of odds and ends in their times. Their best album in my opinion though is their debut, simply titled "The Stooges", released in 1969. The band is at their most primitive, sleazy, psychedelic, and viscous here. There are no holds barred. This is the perfect 1960's psychedelic garage punk album start to finish. Sure there are a few slow spots such as "We Will Fall", where the band may have imbibed a bit too much, but all in all a classic album. Ron Asheton's guitar playing will rip your brain apart. Of course, Iggy's vocals are as snide as ever. The production work of John Cale is brilliantly raw and organic. You can hear every instrument and all it's subtleties even at it's most deafening. This is the perfect American punk album filled with libido and alchohol/drug-fueled goodness, long before The Ramones would come onto the scene. Highly recommended.

I Heard Ramona Sing

Just a great song. That's all...

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


A little Charles Mingus for your Wednesday night, from "Let My Children Hear Music". This is the first track...irresistible. It starts out slow, but hang on tight. Not the original recording here, but darn close.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Chrome: In a Dream

Another knock out Chrome track form 1981's "Inworlds". Spectral, addictive, out there..."In a Dream". Brilliant.

Chrome: Danger Zone

While we're on the subject of Chrome, here's one of my personal favorite tracks of theirs. Lethal, paranoid, and catchy as hell. It's "Danger Zone" from their 1981 album "Inworlds". Enjoy.

Chrome: Third from the Sun

Here's some early 1980's acid-drenched sci-fi punk goodness. I love all of Chrome's work, but the weirdness level seemed to drop dramatically after Helios Creed left the band. "Third from the Sun" (1982) features Chrome at their peak, and right before their downfall. Both Damon Edge and Helios creed are at their strongest here. Working together, they are near overwhelming, almost too perfect. Helios would leave the band after this recording. What an incredible, heavy space pysch album "Third from the Sun" is. Give it a whirl. Here's "Firebomb" and "Future Ghosts".

Anthrax: Anti-Social

On a little retro kick here. Anthrax is one of those bands I used listen to fanatically as a teen. In retrospect, I'm not 100 percent behind their stuff now. But still there are some songs of theirs I cannot resist, even at 35. Here's one of them..."Anti-Social", from their "State of Euphoria" album. Enjoy.

Black Sabbath: Hole in the Sky & Symptom of the Universe

Here's a couple of incredible songs from Black Sabbath's "Sabotage". One of my favorite Black Sabbath albums of all time. The band is at their peak heading towards their downfall/burnout here. Here's "Hole in the Sky" and "Symptom of the Universe". Enjoy.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Voivod: Brain Scan

Alright, I leave you with a weighty chunk of outer space deep freeze freak out music. Once again from Voivod's "Dimension Hatross" album. "Brain Scan" rivals even Helios Creed's weirdest recordings. Some fucked up space music indeed. On that note I bid you good night. Sorry not too much on the blog this week. New stuff will be coming, so stay tuned.

Voivod: Technocratic Manipulators

This song is so chillingly true for our time or for an even bleaker future which I hope will not come. From Voivod's greatest album in my opinion, "Dimension Hatross". Disturbing, sci-fi/prog metal at it's of my favorite albums of all time. Here's 'Technocratic Manipulators".

Just Rockin' a Little Unida...

Howdy. It's been a rough week. We are really feeling the Christmas rush at my work and I have been doing everything I can to stay away from a computer this weekend. Usually it doesn't get crazy busy until January, but it looks like the rush is early, which is good . Job security. Needless to say, I am tired of staring at a computer screen and madly typing my life away all day at work. Just been taking it easy this weekend, listening to some music here and there, doing odd work around the house, etc. Just thought I'd leave you with a little Unida. I might chime in later on tonight, but if not, I will be back here next weekend.