Saturday, December 26, 2009


I've always loved The Stooges. They came out with three incredibly solid albums plus a plethora of odds and ends in their times. Their best album in my opinion though is their debut, simply titled "The Stooges", released in 1969. The band is at their most primitive, sleazy, psychedelic, and viscous here. There are no holds barred. This is the perfect 1960's psychedelic garage punk album start to finish. Sure there are a few slow spots such as "We Will Fall", where the band may have imbibed a bit too much, but all in all a classic album. Ron Asheton's guitar playing will rip your brain apart. Of course, Iggy's vocals are as snide as ever. The production work of John Cale is brilliantly raw and organic. You can hear every instrument and all it's subtleties even at it's most deafening. This is the perfect American punk album filled with libido and alchohol/drug-fueled goodness, long before The Ramones would come onto the scene. Highly recommended.

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