Saturday, April 24, 2010

45 Grave: Riboflavin

Excellent campy vid and song form horror punk rockers 45 Grave. Enjoy.

Sam the Sham and the Pharoahs: Little Red Riding Hood

Always loved this song for some reason.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Faith No More: Midlife Crisis

It hasn't happened yet...I've just always really dug this song. Here's the video for "Midlife Crisis" from Faith No More's "Angel Dust". "Go on and ring my neck/like when a rag gets wet..."

T-Rex: The Slider

Glossy, hallucinogenic, and smoke-filled 1970's Glam Rock from T-Rex's excellent album of the same's "The Slider".

Coroner: Divine Step (Conspectu Mortis)

Deeply infernal, dischordant, and unsettling prog metal from Coroner's next to last album Mental Vortex. Enjoy.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Voivod: The Outcast

An incredible song from Angel Rat.

Witchfinder General: Free Country

Have to post this at least twice a year. Nothing better than this Witchfinder General song...classic, early 1980's New Wave of British Heavy Metal, head-banging and laden with doom. Here's "Free Country" once again.

The Beatles: Magical Mystery Tour

Just a great song, that's all.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Julie London: Fly Me to the Moon

Nice. Cocktail please.

Mudhoney: Here Comes Sickness

Here's some sick, twisted, retro 1960's garage punk with a modern edge. I love Mudhoney, especially their early stuff, such as this song right here..."Here Comes Sickness". My favorite band from the quote unquote "Grunge" era. Mudhoney were not really "grunge"...they were just playing their own take of nasty, fuzzed out retro psych/garage punk cranked up all the way. Don't know how they got pigeon-holed into that whole scene, besides the fact that they were from Seattle.

Spirit Caravan: Fang

Motorhead meets Black's a dose of Spirit Caravan. Can't go wrong with Wino.

Faith No More: From Out of Nowhere

And how about a bit of Faith No More as well?

Slayer: Live Undead

A little Slayer for your Saturday afternoon. Enjoy.

Friday, April 9, 2010

The Cure: The Walk

A nice Friday evening, a great early Cure song.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

So Nebula Broke Up...

So Nebula broke up. Pretty big deal. Where are the space rock bands that will fill their shoes? These guys have left behind them a legacy. The band was formed in 1997 after guitarist Eddie Glass and drummer Ruben Romano left Fu Manchu to form their own band....with more emphasis on heavy space psych metal/rock than your usual desert/stoner metal. These guys drew more from Hendrix, Hawkwind, and Helios Creed, but that unmistakable sound was still there....that Stooges meets Black Flag meets Black Sabbath sound of Fu Manchu.

Anyway, Nebula's music had become more improvisatory and brilliant, more truly otherworldly over the years, leaving the earth and desert behind. Metal that will blast you off into the stratosphere and disrupt your circuits for good.I will leave you with one track from their latest EP as an epilogue because it was their best at that moment. Nebula's greatness improved with every new disc. These guys were prolific, not a bad album out there, so check them out.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Orange Goblin: 298 kg

On a bit of an Orange Goblin kick lately, circa "The Big Black" album. Here's "298 kg". Enjoy.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Trouble: Bastards Will Pay

Some excellent doom from Trouble's first album "Psalm 9" way back in the early 1980's. Fierce, head banging, apocalytic doom metal at it's finest. "Come on people let me hear you say/You fucking bastards you're gonna pay..."

Play it loud, scare your neighbors.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Blue Cheer: Gypsy Ball

Here's some super heavy 1960's psych metal from Blue Cheer. These guys were great. Pre-Stooges, amp destroying, beautiful noise...can't go wrong with this band's early stuff.

Orange Goblin: Turbo Effalunt (Elephant)

Top notch hippie biker space metal. Hip shaking, head banging, earthy yet space bound. Sign me up for this space trip. "A million miles an hour/with an overloaded mind/ridin' on an asteroid into a different space in time..." From Orange Goblin's 2000 album "The Big Black".

"The Divorce"

Another piece of whacked-out but appealing thrift store art. You know, I haven't been thrift store art hunting in a long time. Maybe that's something my wife and I could do while we are on vacation next week.

"Pain Then Glory"

A piece of strangly brilliant thrift store art I spotted at The PSB Gallery of Thrift Store Art. Link is on the side bar.

Kyuss: Tangy Zizzle

Heavy as all get out, rumbling, unrelenting, earth-trembling, sun-baked desert metal from Kyuss' final album from 1995 "...And the Circus Leaves Town". Play it loud.

Hermano: Out of Key but in the Mood

A brilliant song by Hermano. An earth moving Led Zeppelin-esque groove meets the vocal style of Cream and desert/stoner rock. Leave it to John Garcia. Click here.

Baroness: The Red Album

Ok, right from the start I need to apologize for my previously stated dislike of this album. It's just that took a while to grow on me, I guess. It's not quite as impressive as their latest release "Blue Record". It's a bit more instrumental heavy, yet still formidable.

Baroness' "Red Album" (2007) is a smoke-filled maze of winding, quiet, trippy prog-rock instrumentals a la early King Crimson that build into heavier stoner rock grooves, then eventually explode into all out apocalypse then melt away. They haven't quite perfected their home-spun blend of Mastadon, Fugazi, and The Sword yet, but they are pretty close. Excellent blend of prog metal, hardcore, and stoner metal.

"Red Album" takes a bit of patience. Once again, it is not nearly as gargantuan as "Blue Record" but still a good listen. It tends to meander a bit with the instrumentals, but I think that's the way they meant lull you into a psychedelic stupor and then melt your face off. Highly recommended, but pick up "Blue Record" first.
Here's "Rays on Pinion" and 'Wanderlust" for your enjoyment.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Beatles: Back in the USSR

Love this song. A subtle dose of gloom behind the cheer. From the White Album, all around the best Beatles record in my opinion.