Friday, April 2, 2010

Baroness: The Red Album

Ok, right from the start I need to apologize for my previously stated dislike of this album. It's just that took a while to grow on me, I guess. It's not quite as impressive as their latest release "Blue Record". It's a bit more instrumental heavy, yet still formidable.

Baroness' "Red Album" (2007) is a smoke-filled maze of winding, quiet, trippy prog-rock instrumentals a la early King Crimson that build into heavier stoner rock grooves, then eventually explode into all out apocalypse then melt away. They haven't quite perfected their home-spun blend of Mastadon, Fugazi, and The Sword yet, but they are pretty close. Excellent blend of prog metal, hardcore, and stoner metal.

"Red Album" takes a bit of patience. Once again, it is not nearly as gargantuan as "Blue Record" but still a good listen. It tends to meander a bit with the instrumentals, but I think that's the way they meant lull you into a psychedelic stupor and then melt your face off. Highly recommended, but pick up "Blue Record" first.
Here's "Rays on Pinion" and 'Wanderlust" for your enjoyment.

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