Saturday, November 29, 2008

Rat Phink a Boo Boo

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Ray Dennis Steckler's "The Adventures of Rat Phink and Boo Boo" has got to be the most mind bending, brain melting low budget ever made. Made on a zero budget, this movie never fails to amaze. There was misprint in the title of the movie: instead of "Rat Phink AND Boo Boo", the title read "Read Phink A Boo Boo". Steckler didn't have the money to change it, so it stayed like that.
"Rat Phink" as a movie makes very little sense, but it is entertaining all the way through. It starts off as a dark, moody, suspense movie, as a group of thugs stalk rockabilly legend Lonnie Lord's girlfriend. They want to kidnap her to get some money. There is excellent camera work, with plenty of shaky and disturbing camera angles. Eventually, Lonnie Lord's girlfriend is kidnapped, and he and his best friend are in dismay and don't know what to do. Out of nowhere, they say, "this looks like a job for you-know-who" and they run into a closet and turn into Rat Phink and Boo Boo.

Now this movie takes a sharp turn from a suspense film to a super hero film. Rat Phink and Boo Boo's costumes are terrible and look like something a five year old would put together at home. They track down the thugs, and several out of sync and corny as hell fight scenes follow. They eventually chase the crooks into the mountains where they run upon someone with a loose pet gorilla. They subdue the criminals and fight the gorilla and save the girl. All is good, so now everyone goes to the beach and we have a beach party movie....everyone is bopping on the beach and go go dancing as we are treated to jump cuts of a parade in Rat Phink and Boo Boo's honor.

The music is pretty cool in this's a bunch of bizarre rockabilly sung by Ron Haydcock and The Dominoes, mixed with canned music that Steckler uses in all of his movies.

"Rat Phink A Boo Boo" is guaranteed to kill brain cells. The term 'Dada-esque' is an understatement when it comes to this movie. When it is over, you might be ready to pull your hair out. It is maddening. They don't make stuff like this anymore.....I love this movie.

All you fans of cult cinema out there, this may be your new favorite movie. Get this one now!

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