Saturday, July 18, 2009

Some More Unida...

Here's a few tracks from Unida's only full length album, "Coping With the Urban Coyote". It's been long out of print, and is nigh impossible to find, except at a very high price. I would kill to have this album (not literally)....I wish it would come back in print. Heavy stuff, just as heavy as Kyuss. As I said earlier, Unida is John Garcia's most intense, full throttle, sun baked work since Kyuss split. The production is not as strong as you would expect from Kyuss, but after all it's hard to top the production work of Chris Goss. Garcia is also coming more and more into his own sound here, drifting somewhat from the trademark Kyuss sound. After Undia split, he really came into his own with Hermano. Unida is still impressive indeed...brain damaging molten metal. Give these two tracks a listen..."Nervous" and "Human Tornado".

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