Saturday, May 15, 2010


Abdullah, a curious melodic doom/goth metal band that came out of Celeveland, Ohio. I really love their self-titled first album that came out in 1999. Listening to these guys is like a refreshing blast of cold air on a hot, muggy summer day...calm, cool, and still...their music really refreshes the mind. Their first album is incredible. Imagine the heavy deep synapse melting riffs of Saint Vitus, Black Sabbath and Trouble in their prime mixed with the melodic vocals and harmonies of Faith No More and King's X. Throw in a hefty dose of Sisters of Mercy worship (yes, you heard that right...never thought that doom metal and The Sisters could co-exist, eh?) What you have is one slow paced, dark, deep, melodic, and beautiful slab of doom. These guys take their time. This album has to creep up on you. You may not like it at first, but when it hits it hits hard.

Give Abdullah a listen. Their next album, "Graveyard Poetry" abandons the goth element and goes for a more fast paced New wave of British Heavy Metal feel but keeps the psych doom element intact. Their first album is my favorite. Get it first, then if you like what you hear, pick up "Graveyard Poetry". Both have just been re-released on Meteor City.

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