Saturday, July 10, 2010

Danzig: Deth Red Sabaoth

Ok. I'm a hugeDanzig fan. From The Misfits, to Samhain, and on....he's had a few setbacks, but you mostly cannot go wrong with anything the guy touches. I'm going to try to step back a bit and give myself a little distance on this review. First off, I was a bit skeptical about picking up this album. Danzig has been around so long, what else can he do that he hasn't done already? And does Danzig still have it? These are the questions I was seeking an answer to by picking up this album. Did it answer my questions? Read on.

I had read many good things about "Deth Red Sabaoth" and the few short samples I listened to were incredible. So I picked it up and was initially blown away. From the first track "Hammer of the Gods" I was taken back to the bloody blues filled world of Danzig from his first three works. Such incredible vocals, and one of the nastiest head banging riffs of all time. The next few tracks keep up this same pace...a lot more guitar solos than usual for Danzig but they are heavy and bluesy and they fit. At times I was taken back to the gore-soaked days of Samhain. The momentum keeps up through much of the album. Track 6 "Deth Red Moon" is perfect, one of the best Danzig songs of all time.

But does this album maintain this quality all the way through? Sadly, no. Songs such as "Ju Ju Bone" and "Black Candy" sound like he is trying too hard to maintain his devil blues schtick. Plus the pace really begins to slow and meander towards the end on "Pyre of Souls" (both versions). He redeems himself on the last track "Left Hand Rise Above", a classic deep dark Danzig ballad, but is it enough? I think it is.

"Deth Red Sabaoth" is still a pretty solid album that could have been made better with the omission of three or four songs. Does Danzig still have it? I think he does. Did he outdo himself on originality? Not really, but it's Danzig, love him or hate him. Pick this disc up now.

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Thanks... that's good to know. I'll snag it.