Friday, May 1, 2009


Corrosion of Conformity's 1985 release is a masterpiece of a crossover between hardcore punk and heavy metal. This is my personal favorite Corrosion of Conformity album of all time. Their sound in the 1980's was radically different than their more commercial retro 1970's metal form the early 1990's "Blind" album and on. "Animosity" is a pure blast of adrenaline, insane, sped up retro Black Sabbath riffing, some evil mid-paced grooves, and plenty of anger. The pace of this album is ferocious and blinding. Every song is intense, and before you know it, all ten tracks are over, and if you have to hear it again. The line up on this album is Mike Dean on vocals and bass, Reed Mullin on drums, and Woody Weatherman on guitar. Mike Dean's vocals are an acquired taste, but they suit Woody Weatherman's often way out there and always viscous Black Sabbath meets Black Flag guitar playing. There is not a weak track on here. This album is best experinced as a whole, as one blinding burst of adrenalin. Pick this one up now, it will not disappoint.

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