Saturday, May 2, 2009

Voivod's Final Album "Infini" To Be Released Soon

Futuristic cyber metal masters Voivod are releasing their final album, "Infini" on June 23 2009 in the United States and on June 15 in the U.K.. The album is culled from material that guitarist Dennis D'Amour aka "Piggy" wrote before his death in 2005 from colon cancer. He left the guitar tracks on his laptop, and left instrucutions to drummer Away on how to retrieve them. This CD will feature Away on drums, Jason Newstead on bass, Piggy's guitar playing, and Snake on vocals. Voivod is touring with Dan Mongrain from the prog-metal band Martyr taking Piggy's place on guitar, and with their original, founding bassist Blacky. I can't wait to hear this CD.

Here is "Infini's" track listing:

1. God Phones

2. From The Cave

3. Earthache

4. Global Warning

5. A Room With A V.U.

6. Destroy After Reading

7. Treasure Chase

8. Krap Radio

9. In Orbit

10. Deathproof

11. Pyramidome

12. Morpheus

13. Volcano

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