Friday, April 17, 2009


My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult's "Confession of a Knife" (1993). This is the first album I ever heard by The Thrill Kill Kult and it remains my favorite. Their sound on this album is a very dark and evil drug induced form of dance music. It is very sinister sounding, laden with references to and fueled by sleazy retro 1960's through early 1980's b-movies, horror and exploitation flicks, and a campy love for the occult. They perfectly mix together evil dance grooves with guitar and keyboard tracks that sound as if they came from the bowels of hell and ingenious, perfectly chosen audio samples taken from nefarious b-movies and other sources that truly set the music ablaze with the flames of Lucifer. A few of my favorite tracks are: "Daisy Chain 4 Satan", a hypnotic and maddening ode to drug abuse, and "The Days of Swine and Roses", an ingenious song with a chorus of "Christian zombie vampires, I am the father, the father of nothing", with a repeated overlayed sample of Edith Massey from John Water's "Female Trouble"( if you haven't seen this movie, check it out now). Possibly the sleaziest song of all on this album is "Waiting for Mommie", a sweaty, perverted disco workout ode to Satan and incest.

All of the songs on "Confessions of a Knife" bleed together seamlessly and cohesively. This disc is designed to be listened to from start to finish in one sitting. If you don't, you will lose certain nuances at the end and beginning of each song. Not every track is perfect, but as a whole "Confessions of a Knife" is a masterpiece, my favorite Thrill Kill Kult album of all time. Give it a listen, it will not disappoint.

Here's "Daisy Chain 4 Satan"...

...and "Kooler Than Jesus". Enjoy.

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