Saturday, April 25, 2009


The Sisters of Mercy's "Floodland"(1987) is a masterpiece of dark, adrenaline fueled rock that superbly mixes drum machine and guitars with a chilling effect. Andrew Eldritch's vocals are cold, dark, yet emotive. His lyrics are fueled by paranoia, depression, and adrenaline. The sound on this album is huge, an epic, masterful, aural portrait of a cold, bleak world. The Sisters of Mercy will not cheer you up, but their music and lyrics are something we can all relate to in the struggles of day to day existence. These guys have been pigeon holed in the gothic rock genre, one in which they really do not belong. Their sound does not fit the trappings of that particular music. All you need is an ear for dark music and you will enjoy their work. It's hard to name a favorite track, although "Lucretia my Reflection", "Dominion/Mother Russia", "This Corrosion", and the stark and fragile "Driven Like the Snow" come immediately to mind. I can't recommend this disc enough...if you haven't heard "Floodland" before you should pick it up, and if you already have this one listen to it again.

Here's "Lucretia My Reflection", "Dominion", and "This Corrosion". Enjoy.


David Abstract said...

The first time I heard Sisters of Mercy it was on a "Best of 1987" tape I bought for 20p. This Corrosion blew me away :-)

Steve Smith said...

Thanks for the comment, David. Great band, great album, I love all of their work. Wish Eldritch would put out some new material. The first album I head of theirs was Vision Thing.

Nigel M said...

I had a copy of that Sisters Of Mercy album and loved it. Dark and powerful.

And The Cramps? well what can I say. They were absolutely fantastic. Psychobilly was my great love after the Two Tone era.

Steve Smith said...

Nigel, thanks for the comment. You can't go wrong with The Sisters or The Cramps.