Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Slo Burn was a band formed by Kyuss vocalist John Garcia after Kyuss' demise. The only album Slo Burn released was the four song EP "Amusing the Amazing" in 1997. Like Kyuss, Slo Burn is extremely heavy, desert stoner metal. Slo Burn's music is surprisingly good. John Garcia's vocals and range were growing stronger, and his sense of melody can be devastating. You can feel the desert sun blazing in all four of these songs. They are trippy, heavy, and soulful all at once. The production is not as strong as what you would hear on a Kyuss album, but that is ok. The music is strong and furious enough to overcome this problem. My two favorite tracks are "July" and "Pilot the Dune". Highly recommended. Here's "Pilot the Dune". Enjoy.

After Slo Burn, John Garcia would go on to form Unida and Hermano, both excellent bands and well worth seeking out as well.

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