Saturday, August 22, 2009


Sorry I've been absent for a whole week. The day-to-day routine has a been more hectic than usual so I haven't had much time to spend on the computer. Today I have a review for you of the album this blog was named after (well almost). It's Outrageous Cherry's "Stay Right Here for a Little While", released in 2003. It's a four song E.P. that, although short, packs a potent punch. The band is in top form here. On the first two tracks ("Stay Right Here for a Little While" and "Paradox Fiends") there is glossy yet distorted 1960's garage psychedelic rock filtered through a flawless 1960's pop sensibility that manges to remain cheerful and haunting at the same time. The last two tracks become quieter, darker, and more poetic. They display a sense of quiet, contemplative euphoria, especially on the final track "Anywhere". It brings to mind the saddening, beautiful, lost, and burnt out vibe of Syd Barrett's finest solo work. If you haven't heard any Outrageous Cherry before, pick this one up. And if you're a fan of the band and have somehow overlooked this release, you should get it. Highly recommended.

Stay Right Here For A Little While - Outrageous Cherry

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