Friday, August 28, 2009


Servotron is a band that came out in the mid 1990's, formed from the ashes of the campy sci-fi/horror surf punk band "Is It Man or Astroman?" Servotron packs a powerful punch. Claustrophobic, robotic, science fiction punk are what these guys are all about, with a little camp and a lot of futuristic paranoia thrown in for good measure. Very foreboding, yet deceptively cheerful and cybernetically catchy at the same time. It is as if Servotron are gleefully welcoming you with open arms to the gloom of the future...

The two albums I have by these guys are "No Room for Humans" (1996) and "Entertainment Program for Humans (Second Variety)" from 1998. Both come highly recommended.

Here's "People Mover" from "No Room for Humans"...

...and here's "I Sing the Body Cybernetic" from "Entertainment Program for Humans". Enjoy.

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