Saturday, November 28, 2009


Magma. Seriously warped, science fiction/jazz fusion/prog rock from the 1970's. Their drummer and band leader Chrstian Vander invented his own language and his own world for his music to take place in. This is the heaviest fusion/prog rock I have ever heard next to King Crimson. Some of Magma's material I almost prefer over King Crimson. Magma's music is pure insanity...horrifying, heavy music with odd time signatures. Unpredictable yet relentless A band led by one who is truly warped on psychedelics and has created his own language...all in all just terrifying futuristic music from another universe you can strangely enough almost dance to, with plenty of evil grooves. Check it out.

I have a few audio cassette tapes of Magma in my collection. That is all. Trying to share with you what I have heard of these guys so far. I may break in later with more Magma madness.

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