Saturday, November 28, 2009

New Caleb Emerson Film in the Oven...

Good news! Caleb Emerson, the director of the maddening, low-budget, twisted and whacked zombie/superhero/quest/ epic/humorous cult film "Die You Zombie Bastards" is currently making a new movie. It's called "Frankie in Blunderland". What it's quite about, I don't know yet, but I've been digging the production stills, etc that are found on this movie's web site. All I know is what it says, "a psychedelic melodrama." Click here.

I personally loved "Die You Zombie Bastards". If you haven't seen this particular piece of celluloid, you should. Definitely not for the squeamish or for those who can't take dirty jokes. Gore and juvenile humor abound in this film. Take it or leave it, it is brilliant in my book. So I leave you with a bit of "Die You Zombie Bastards" as I count down the weeks/months/years it may be before my eyes are graced with "Frankie in Blunderland". Soon, I hope. Soon.

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