Friday, June 26, 2009


Fu Manchu are a band I've written a few posts about here before, I know. The thing is, they are such a great, solid, retro 1970's metal band that continues to put out always enjoyable material. Today I want to talk about what is their strongest, most energetic full length album, in my opinion. It is 1995's "Daredevil". This is Fu Manchu at their finest. The guitars are not so fuzzed out and low-ended as on "Godzilla's (Eatin Dust)", and not as straight ahead, overwhelming, beyond Kyuss- heavy, balls to the wall stoner metal as on "The Action Is Go". 'Daredevil" is pure, raw, ingenius, high octane, classic 1970's psych metal with a fuzzed out punk tinge. This is the album where Fu Manchu was really coming into focus. It is like a witches brew of The Stooges, Black Sabbath, Black Flag, and touches of Hawkwind all at their finest moments. The songs are relentless, the most energetic Fu Manchu ever, loaded with classic touches of spaciness. One reason for this is that the two founding members of the mindbending, euphoric retro/space/psych rock band Nebula played on this album. They were Eddie Glass on guitar and Ruben Romano on drums. After "Daredevil", they would split to form Nebula. Arguably, Nebula's output over the years has been much stronger than Fu Manchu's, but that's for another day. What else to say here...the lyrics are at their peak...sometimes unintelligible, warped, drug induced tales that always entertain. Every track is great. Play it loud, annoy, the neighbors, and long live Fu Manchu! I wonder if they are working on a new album...

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