Saturday, June 20, 2009


The Pixies' "Trompe Le Monde" (1991). It is the first album I ever heard by The Pixies. I had never heard their music until after their demise, when Black Francis went solo. I loved Frank Black's work and decided to give The Pixies a try. I found " Trompe Le Monde" in a cut-out bin for about 3 dollars on cassette around 1994. What an amazing album! It blew me away and I immediatey sought out other Pixies albums. One strong point with The Pixies was the input of bassist/vocalist Kim Deal. I always loved her work with "The Breeders".

I enjoy all of The Pixies' output, but for some reason, "Trompe Le Monde" remains my favorite. The band was in great turmoil at that time. Supposedly Black Francis was exercising more creative control over The Pixies and Kim Deal's creative contributions to the band were being left out in the cold. There is something about "Trompe Le Monde", though...some odd, adrenaline fueled, bizarre songwriting was at work here. Maybe the internal turmoil that was going on added to the intensity of this album. The music is in top form. Off-kilter, bizarre, snake-like rhythms, riffs and harmonies combined with a big fat production makes this album congeal perfectly together. The songs bleed seamlessly into each other. The lyrics are over the top...full of surrealism and a love for science fiction. Vocally, Kim Deal and Frank Black work together incredibly here. The musicianship is tight and dead on.

This is The Pixies finest moment. It blends together the best elements from their previous albums, such as "Surfer Rosa" and "Doolitlle" and amps it up a bit...more guitar heavy than usual and full of bizarre twists and turns. It packs a powerful punch. All tracks are great on here. 'Trompe Le Monde" has to be listened to in its entirety, and all songs are incredible. If you haven't heard The Pixies before, give this one a try, and listen to the two tracks below. And if you're an old Pixies fan, break this one out and listen to it again. It holds up well.

Distance Equals Rate Times Time - Pixies

Alec Eiffel - Pixies

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