Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A Great Find...

My wife and I were out bugging a little today and I made a great find: a double disc DVD set featuring "Coffy" and "Friday Foster", both starring Pam Grier...for only 5 dollars! I love "Coffee". It is a bleak yet fun blaxploitation revenge masterpiece of a movie directed by Jack Hill (of Spiderbaby fame). It is my favorite film of the genre next to "Black Caesar" and possibly Pam Grier's best performance from that time period. I have "Coffee" on VHS as a is very old and deteriorating badly. The reason I am excited about this find is that "Coffy" is supposedly out of print. "Friday Foster" I have not seen yet, but I aim to watch it soon. These DVD's are both in wide screen and "Coffy" features director commentary. A hint at where I found it: just look for the evil yellow smiley face. There are plenty there, you just have to hunt a little.

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