Monday, January 19, 2009


Andrew Parkinson's "I, Zombie"(1999). I have this on VHS and I was wanting to watch it badly the other day. I put it in the VCR and to my horror, the tape no longer worked. It had deteriorated and the picture quality was unwatchable. I'm still trying to get my VHS collection re-purchased on DVD, so I looked this one up to see if it was out on DVD. No luck. Both VHS ad DVD are out of print...

"I, Zombie" is one of my favorite zombie movies. It deals with the human side of being a zombie, what happens in the life of one person as his body slowly deteriorates. The main character(Mark) is a scientist and he is going out in the woods to collect some samples. He comes across a dilapidated house in a field and finds a man that has been shot several times in the head. In another room he hears a woman moaning and goes to check on her. She is in the final phases of turning into a zombie. He picks her up to help her and she bites him on the neck. He passes out for a while in the field and returns home to his apartment after he awakes.

Mark is slowly turning into a zombie. How does he keep his relationship with his girlfriend? How does he cope with the isolation and loneliness as he locks himself in his apartment most of the day? How does he deal with the urge to feed and still function in society? How does he deal with his body decaying more and more everyday?

"I, Zombie" is a very realistic, saddening film. You feel for the main character and want to help him but you can't...all you can do is watch his physical and mental state deteriorate. This movie was filmed on video tape, yet the production and direction are highly effective. The story and acting are strong, making you feel strongly for the main character. Mark's slow decaying as a zombie is horrific and depressing. I want to watch this movie again, but I guess I'll have to wait until a new DVD release becomes available. This is not your typical zombie movie nor your typical horror movie. It is more of a drama with tons of gore. If you're adventurous in your movie watching, check this one out if you can find it. I'm sure you will like it.

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