Monday, January 5, 2009


FRANKENHOOKER (1990). What a great movie! I don't know where to start... Anybody familiar with Frank Henenlotter's stuff? He directed this movie as well as the "Basket Case" trilogy and "Brain Damage". His brand of horror is very twisted. It's streetwise, human, very funny in a sick kind of way and always deals with the human side of horror. What strange things can go wrong with the body and mind!

FRANKENHOOKER is a demented love story, very outside the box. The movie opens at a birthday party. Jeffrey,a scientist and inventor, is a throwing a big birthday party for his long-time girlfriend. Everything is going smoothly until the auto-pilot lawnmower he built malfunctions and runs his girlfriend over, cutting her into tiny pieces! All that is left is her head...
So he begins a a maddening quest. How can he get his girlfriend back? He keeps her head in a freezer and her brain still works. It's hooked up to all kinds of electronic gadgets! So now to the next problem. How do you get her body back? SIMPLE! You invent SUPERCRACK, so powerful it will make you literally explode, hit the streets and find a bunch of prostitutes, get with their pimp, invite 'em all over for an orgy, give'em some supercrack, wait til they explode, take the parts you want to rebuild your girlfriend, throw the rest away or hide'em in your deep freezer, and BAM! your problem is solved! Now all he has to do is sew the parts together and reanimate her. It just takes a couple of minutes in the movie and he's done......right?

WRONG! An undead girlfriend, reanimated with body parts from prostitutes full of supercrack does not bode well. None of her parts match, she lumbers around, "wanna fuck?" is just about all she can say. She is extremely dangerous, as The SUPERCRACK gave her super-human powers! Things are not going well for poor Jeffrey........and what about those extra body parts he didn't use and left in the deep freezer? The freezer is making a weird noise and funny lights are shooting out of it...

Well, what are you waiting for? FRANKENHOOKER is a movie no one should miss!


Kny said...

Yeah that's a good (bad) one.

Happy new year brotha! Hope your 2009 is a great one.

- kNy

Steve Smith said...

Thanks. Same to you.