Thursday, January 15, 2009


Everybody knows who Frank Henenlotter is by now, right? If not, check out my reviews of "Basket Case 2" and "Frankenhooker".
Well here's another installment in the demented world of Frank Henenlotter....BRAIN DAMAGE! It came out in 1987 and its much more dark and twisted than any of hos other works in my opinion. It delves deep into the human side of horror and drug addiction, and shows the streets how they really are.....and yet at the same time this is the funniest and strangest movie you will see in a long time. You will fall out of your chair laughing in horror and disbelief!!

BRAIN DAMAGE is about a parasite named AYLMER that loves to eat brains. He is blue, looks like a turd(MR. HANKEY ring any bells?), has many many sharp teeth, speaks perfect English, travels through the decrepit inner-city New York plumbing and will eat your brains in a second. But there is one catch. He is lazy and quite sophisticated. He would rather have someone else go find his brains for him!

So how does he do this? Well, he promises to get you high! He sinks his fangs into the base of your brain and secretes a chemical that makes you feel like you are on LSD but addicts you like heroin. If you don't bring him brains, he cuts you off!!! In fact, he cut off his last owners because they would only give him animal brains...the nerve! It's human brains or nothing!

So he finds a new owner, a gullible youth named him sink to the depths of despair in the most disgusting area of New York you have ever seen! He can't get a girlfriend because Aylmer wants her brains, he can't get a friend because Aylmer wants brains! And he has to have his fix...

This movie is a must see! Drop everything now and find this movie before Aylmer crawls up through the drain of your bathroom sink and tries to get you high or eat your brains...

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