Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Fang were a heavy, sleazy, joyfully obnoxious yet highly addictive punk band that came out around 1982. With the sneering vocals of Sam McBride, politically incorrect lyrics in songs like "Destroy the Handicapped", a snotty, disdainful attitude, and a grungy Black Flag tinged guitar sound, Fang was an intimidating force when they were in their prime. Their best two albums are "Landshark"(1982) and "Where the Wild Things Are"(1983), which you can buy together on one CD. "Landshark" is the catchier and more wide ranging of the two. With the slimy groove of the title track "The Money Will Roll Right In", to the feed back laden "Law and Order", to the Venom-esque metal anthem "Diary of a Mad Werewolf", to the classic psychedelic anthem "Fun With Acid", 'Landshark" will not disappoint. "Where the Wild Things Are" is more straight forward hardcore. They sacrifice most of their melody and inventiveness for pure speed, vindictiveness, and shock value. Still, it is a good listen.

Here's "The Money Will Roll Right In"...

The Money Will Roll Right In - Fang

...and here's "Fun With Acid'. Enjoy!


David Abstract said...

You seem to be on an eighties obnoxious punks jag - cool!

Nothing more satisfying than abdicating critical responsibility and adult taste for the musical equivalent of hot dogs and beer.

Query: can you hear similarity between the guitar on "Out of the blue (and into the black)" form Rust Never Sleeps? I maybe imagining it as I've been playing that album regularly for the last month.

Steve Smith said...

You are right. I can hear the similarity.