Saturday, January 3, 2009


CALABRESE are an amazing horror punk band that brings to mind the best of "Walk Among Us" era Misfits. Cool, campy horror inspired lyrics, fast tempos, and infectious sing-a-long choruses abound. What really makes these guys stand out in the throng of horror punk imitators is their sense of melody combined with heavy, shredding guitar work and carefully chosen samples. Their energy level is incredible. Their album "The Traveling Vampire Show"(2007) is a high octane blood feast that is so catchy that after the first listen you will never be able to get the tunes out of your head. This CD is relentless all the way through with two of my favorite tracks being "Voices of the Dead" and "Vampires Don't Exist". Go out and get this one now if you haven't already. It's a must have in the library of any fan of horror rock.
Here's the video to "Voices of the Dead".

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