Monday, March 2, 2009


The Atomic Bitchwax are a formidable psychedelic/space rock band fronted by Monster Magnet guitarist Ed Mundell as a side project. Their strongest release is their self-titled effort from 1999. The tracks are predominantly instrumental. Their sound is a mixture of Sabbath riffery, the euphoria of The Stooges, the world-eating psychedelia of Monster Magnet, the blistering space rock of Hawkwind, the dementia of Helios Creed, and just plain earthy trippy blues improvisation. There are some evil, spaced-out sound effects on this album, many of them coming from the bass guitar. Not quite as commanding as Monster Magnet, but still a good listen. Some stand out tracks are the scorching blues of "Birth to the Earth", the jump to hyperdrive space rock number "Hey Alright", and the Black Sabbath-esque "Kiss the Sun". Highly recommended.

03 Hey Alright.wma -

02 Birth to the Earth.wma -

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