Saturday, March 7, 2009


I've been a fan of the band Monster Magnet for years. The first ablum of theirs I bought was "Superjudge", way back in 1993. I love all of their material, but for some reason, this album always stands out to me. Maybe it is because it is the first album I heard by them. Who knows, but I will tell you this: "Superjudge" is in my opinion the most perfect space rock album ever made. Dave Wyndorf and crew were definitely channeling the powers of the psychedelic space lords on this release.

"Superjudge" is the perfect blend of Hawwind(they even cover "Brainstorm"), the euphoria of Blue Cheer, the retro-doom riffing of Black Sabbath, and a giant, 1970's arena rock sound and vibe. Monster Magnet blasts you off into outer space from the first few seconds of the first track "Cyclops Revolution", and they don't let you land until the closing notes of 'Black Balloon". By then you are exhausted from such a long and intense, yet highly enjoyable journey through space. Dave Wyndorf's lyrics are the perfect blend of psychedelia, science fiction, and intentional rock star cliches. His commanding, lysergic vocals perfectly fit the world eating euphoria of the music. All of the tracks are incredible on this album. I can't think of any real standouts because "Superjudge" is best appreciated as a whole. Listen to it all the way through, play it loud on some good speakers, and have a safe trip.

Here's the videos to "Twin Earth" and "Face Down".

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