Sunday, March 8, 2009


Hasil Adkins was a one-of-a-kind musician. His music twistedly and ecstatically skirts the genres of rockabilly, blues, hillbilly music, and old, classic country music with reckless, yet focused abandon. He plays all of the instruments by himself and sings as well at the same time...he is a one man band. Nothing can approach the unbridled energy and deep, sad blues of his music. He passed away in April of 2005, leaving behind a gargantuan legacy of original material, as well as covers. A good place to start is the live album "Look At That Caveman Go!", released in 1993. It is noisy and raw, distorted and wild and not for the faint of heart...but this is Hasil at his best. I love this album.

02 Today I Started Loving You Again.wma -

07 Lets Do Like We Done.wma -

05 My Blue Star.wma -

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