Saturday, March 28, 2009


Ok. I know I've posted about Trouble twice on here already, but I have another incredible Trouble album, "Manic Frustration"(1992), that has to be mentioned here. "Manic Frustration" is Trouble's follow-up to their 1990 psych-doom metal self-titled classic. "Manic Frustration" brings Trouble's sound further into the mainstream. This is the perfect psychedelic metal album. It is not as visceral as their previous efforts. They rely almost completely on 1960's and 1970's psych rock, with their doomy Sabbath edge diminishing greatly. Their sound on this album is very starry-eyed and retro psychedelic rock, with more emphasis on rich, depressive harmonies and vocals. The songwriting is top notch, and every track is loaded with hooks that will be running through your head for years...this is the most accessible Trouble album ever. This one should have put them to the top of the charts, but it didn't. For long-time Trouble fans, this was a difficult release. It was more Bowie, Beatles, Cream and 1970's rock influenced and strayed away from their usual doom metal ways. They still packed a lethal punch, however. The riffs are heavy and crushing when they want to be. The faster paced songs such as "Come Touch the Sky" are relentless as ever. This is Trouble at their peak, still delivering their hippiefied message of peace, love, and doom underneath a barrage of potent, yet much more subtle riffing. Trouble's self-titled comeback album from 1990 is still my favorite, but this one is threatening to take its place.
Just as a little aside, if you were ever into grunge from the 1990's, give Trouble, Saint Vitus, and Pentagram a listen. Although I listened to some "grunge rock" in the early 1990's (Soundgraden, Nirvana, and Alice in Chains were not that bad), these guys are the real thing. The roots of grunge, the masters of the nasty, synapse melting riff....

Here's the video to "Memory's Garden"...

..and here's "'Scuse Me" and the gloomy, beautiful "Breathe".

Scuse Me - Trouble

Breath... - Trouble

Please note that "Manic Frustration" is dangeroulsy out of print, with high prices being asked for it. You can't go out and buy it, but you can listen to the whole thing for free here.

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