Monday, March 23, 2009


I was out of town yesterday. My wife and I, one of our daughters and her boyfriend headed down to New Orleans. We had to get out, and I had not been to New Orleans since Katrina and I was anxious to visit my favorite city again. We got there around noon and walked the French Quarter all day. The city was surprisingly clean, as clean as New Orleans can get. I noticed a few things that were different since I've last been years ago. For one, there were quite a few vacant apartments and businesses. Also the only places that were packed were around the Cafe Dumond and The French Market. I also noticed that the streets that normally have heavy traffic such as Bourbon Street were quieter and emptier than usual. Nevertheless, New Orleans was almost back to it's old self, and I can't wait to go back. If all goes well, I'll be heading back down on April 11th to catch Saint Vitus at One-Eyed Jacks.

New Orleans has come a long way from Katrina. If you want to see a place that was hit the hardest, so hard it has yet to rebuild, visit Biloxi, MS. Along the miles long stretch along the beach, everything is wiped out. Where there once were houses and businesses as far as the eye could see, now there is nothing but vacant lots with for sale signs on them. Every now and then you will see a new condo or covenience store pop up, but that is about it. The only exception would be that they have rebuilt the casino area very well. It is very nice. Actually my wife and I visited there a few weeks ago. I hope that rest of the Biloxi beach area rebuilds in the same manner.
Anyway, that's it for now, and regular posting will resume tomorrow.

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