Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Black Flag's "In my Head"(1985). This is one of Black Flag's strangest yet most accessible albums ever made, and one of my personal favorites of theirs. Departing from the sludgy experimentalism of some of their previous releases, Black Flag finds a more tuneful, yet still ground breaking sound on "In My Head". The grooves are bizarre, slippery, and snake-like and the music is heavy with a grimy vibe throughout. Greg Ginn's harmolodic, almost atonal guitar work is in top form laying down impossible to replicate, somewhat disorienting guitar work over the slippery and grungy bass playing of Kira that really carries the music along. Also present is the solid and distinctive drum work of Bill Stevenson. Henry Rollin's vocals are slightly more laid back than usual yet still in top form. The production on "In My Head" is not great, but it fits the music perfectly. Some of my favorite tracks are "Paralyzed", "White Hot", and "I Can See You". Next to "Damaged", this is THE Black Flag album you must have.

Here's "White Hot" and "Paralyzed". Enjoy

White Hot - Black Flag

Paralyzed - Black Flag

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