Sunday, February 1, 2009


I've always been a huge Dario Argento fan. He is a master of creating dream-like suspense and nightmarish horror. I am always looking for new or newly unearthed Dario Argento material. So when I saw Jenifer sitting on the shelves of my local retail establishment I jumped.....why haven't I heard of this movie before? Directed by Argento with a soundtrack by Claudio Simonetti of GOBLIN? What gives? Well, it is part of THE MASTERS OF HORROR, a series of one-hour short horror films shown on the Showtime channel...needless to say I bought it and rushed home to watch it.

JENIFER kept me amazed and sickened...I could not take my eyes away from this movie. You can tell that this movie was made for cable television but it does not matter. It is an excellent work of horror and it is based on a short story by Bruce Jones.

JENIFER opens with the shot of a disheveled man about to kill a bound and tied woman in the woods with a meat clever. You cannot see the woman's face. She appears to be very beautiful. A cop, Frank Spivey happens to catch the man right before the meat clever is going to make it's fatal blow and shoots him in the chest...the man utters one last word: "Jenifer". As Frank is untying the woman, he notices her is horribly disfigured. Frank decides to take the woman(Jenifer)in to his family to help her...and what a mistake this is!

You see, JENIFER is a nymphomaniac that latches on to one person and kills and eats the flesh of everyone else associated with that person's life....a monster she is! So poor Frank's wife and children are being eaten alive by this woman, yet Frank still wants to take care of her: He cannot separate himself from this woman. Eventually, after all of his family has been eaten he gets a cabin in the woods in an attempt to isolate her and stop the killing. This would work, if he could keep himself isolated, but he has to get a job to support her, and having a job means being around other people....

Eventually, Frank gets to the breaking point with Jenifer. He cannot take anymore. But can he kill her?
I will divulge no more, as the ending is one of the greatest I have seen in horror history...
If you like your horror a little off the beaten path, get this movie now!

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