Thursday, February 12, 2009

My Thrift Store Art Collection

As I promised you on Monday, here's some of my thrift store art collection. It's amazing the strange art treasures you can find by looking around in thrift stores. Here are my six favorites. I do have others, but I feel that these are the ones most worthy of conclusion. Kudos to my wife for the photagraphy.

1. Above is a fiery, amazing piece that hangs in our living room. I do not know what the artist was thinking, but the deep oranges and reds lend a certain warmth to the room.

2. This one hangs in our bedroom. This painiting has an eerie, transparent, ghost-like quality to it. The woman appears to be sad and fading. I love this one.

Check Spelling3. This is a frightening, larger than life matador. This painting is gigantic, and I have nowhere to hang it right now. If you look carefully his eyes will follow you as you walk by him.

4. Ok. I don't know what the artist was thinking that painted this one. Are these aliens or people? And what are they doing? Where are they? This painting is gigantic as well, with blinding primary colors that slap you in the face every time you see it.

5. This is a beautiful surreal piece. I love the dreamlike serenity of this one. The rich blues and greens are very calming. Note the phallic imagery here. Was this unintentional or deliberate? No one will ever know...

6. Last but not least, the disturbing, almost psychedelic Elvis portrait. I don't know why anyone would have wanted to paint this piece, but for whatever reason, they were proud enough of it to sign it. The frame is shot on this one, but as soon as I can get another frame it's going back up.


Kny said...

Steve... #6 isn't Elvis buddy. What you have there is the Geicko™ Caveman.

Steve Smith said...

You're right...too funny.

David Abstract said...

How do you live with those things on your walls and not have nightmares!?!

I volunteer in a charity shop - all I can say is you guys get a better class of art work in yours.
Think flowers, think kittens, think cornfields... mostly people buy 'em for the frames.

Steve Smith said...

Well, you have to really hunt for it in our shops too. Every now and then you will luck up on a few good ones but it takes patience and time.

I guess I've jusy gotten used to them hanging on my walls. They don't give me nightmares anymore.