Friday, February 20, 2009


The Cult's "Electric"(1987) is one of my all time favorite albums. It is quite possibly The Cult's best effort, and my personal favorite of theirs. Parting from their goth-rock past, "Electric" is straight ahead, heavy, unpretentious, starry-eyed, libido driven 1970's blues rock. Rick Rubin's production gives the album a glossy, yet heavy and fiery sound. Ian Astbury's vocals and Billly Duffy's guitar work are scorching, and the songwriting is incredible. A few of my favorite tracks are "Wildflower" and "Lil' Devil". All tracks are extremely addictive, however. The only song I could do without is their cover of "Born to Be Wild". All in all, "Electric" is a ferocious, adrenaline fueled, classic rock and roll album that should not be missed by anyone. Highly recommended.

Here's "Lil' Devil" and "Wildflower". Enjoy.

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