Wednesday, February 25, 2009


The Sonics are an insanely heavy and loud 1960's garage rock band whose peak was around 1965/1966. Their music is fast, intense, and amped up to the point of horrifying distortion. The Sonics have a ferocious, untouchable energy, predating punk by many years. Picture Little Richard even more hopped up than he already is with guitars amplified until your ears bleed with hooks so irresistible you have to keep coming back for more...this is The Sonics. Joyfully and mindlessly intense and brutal 1960's punk. Some of their best songs are "Strychnine", "The Witch", and 'Psycho". The two albums pictured above, "Here Are the Soinics" and "Boom" I highly recommend. Listen to the three songs below, and if you like what you hear hunt down these two albums. They aren't too hard to find.

Strychnine - Sonics, The

Psycho - The Sonics

The Witch - The Sonics

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