Tuesday, February 24, 2009


The Red Crayola's "The Parable of Arable Land" is a free form, psychedelic, noise art masterpiece from 1967. Guitar, bass, and drums carry the music, but it is surrounded and enveloped in a cacophony of other noises and instruments played in a somewhat haphazard fashion. This album in a way is a do it yourself incursion into free jazz and psychedelia, with an underlying 1960's garage punk feel throughout. This album consists of several free from instrumental tracks, or "free form freak outs", with hooky, trippy, and sleazy 1960's garage punk classics embedded between the freak outs. The actual songs on this album and bring to mind early Cramps, especially with the vocals. A few of my favorite tracks are "Hurricane Fighter Plane" and "Pink Stainless Tail". Truly brilliant, or misguided noise where the musicians are too stoned out to even play their instruments properly...which one best describes The Red Crayola? I personally think they are brilliant, but listen to the two tracks below and decide for yourself.

Let me know what you think. "Parable of Arable Land" is an album that's not too expensive and fairly easy to find. Highly recommended.

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