Monday, December 22, 2008


Everybody know who Herschell Gordon Lewis is? He made the first gore film, BLOODFEAST, back in 1963. It showed tongues being ripped out, brains being gouged, and people dying with their eyes open. When it was showing at drive-ins it caused traffic jams. Although mostly known for gore, he made other films based on social commentary like SHE DEVILS ON WHEELS and SUBURBAN ROULETTE. He stopped making movies in the very early '70's. All have extremely poor acting, and a low budget, but are very entertaining. Except for BLOOD FEAST.
The problem I have with this movie is it has a snail's pace, the acting is horrid, and you want to take a shower after watching it. Don't get me wrong. I love bad movies. I've seen tons. And I know the ones to stay away from and this is one of them. But for some reasons you can't take youre eyes away...
And 40 years later here comes BLOOD FEAST 2! I was skeptical at first but I broke down and bought it. A new Herschell movie!!!!!
Let me give you the story behind the two movies: in the first one, Fuad Ramses is a caterer who is possesed by the goddess Ishtar. He must find women to kill and mutilate in the basement of his catering business so he can give a human sacrifice to Ishtar. Of course the police catch up to him and he is killed. Now, Bloodfeast 2. Fuad Ramses' grandson moves into the same catering place run by his grandfather and becomes possessed by Ishtar. Of course he goes on a killing spree and serves his victims to his guests. Many bizarre twists ensue…
BLOOD FEAST 2 is very fun. H G LEWIS did a great job directing and the acting is good, the production is smooth, the writing good. There is tons of gore and some naked women, and a rockin' soundtrack by SOUTHERN CULTURE ON THE SKIDS. It doesn't take itself too seriously and is especially vicious when it shows how slow the police are at figuring things out.
This movie is great fun and what a comeback for Herschell! And may I mention there's a cameo by John Waters? Buy Bloodfeast 2 now and go rent or borrow the first one.

Heres's the trailer for the first Blood Feast.

Here's John Waters as a priest in Blood Feast 2.


The Lightning Bug said...

I love both of these films, but I have a special place in my heart for Blood Feast 2. Perhaps it's because I watched it right after I returned from New Orleans and saw surprised to see John 'Spud' McConnell in it. I had just seen Spud in a stage version of Confederacy of Dunces while I was there and he was perfectly cast as Ignatious. So when I popped in this flick to watch the new feature from H.G there he was, and he really made the movie for me. That and the dead guy who pops up in most of the movie's scenes yet no one seems to notice.

Steve Smith said...

Ah, Confederacy of that book.