Monday, December 15, 2008


Ted V. Mikels' MARK OF THE ASTRO-ZOMBIES. Mind-numbing, gleeful fun! A sequel of sorts to his ASTRO-ZOMBIES movie of the late 1960's, this new one has several twists that will keep you guessing, the worst special effects in the galaxy, and the most wooden, horrendous acting I've ever seen! Just suspend all disbelief and you'll be ok. And keep your copy of THE MISFITS WALK AMONG US cd close'll want to blast it during certain scenes of this movie.

In the first ASTRO-ZOMBIES, Dr. Demarco, a mad scientist, created a zombie that could kill on the demand of a radio frequency. Well, it seems now, 30 years later, that reptilian aliens from outer space have intercepted his idea and they have a whole slew of astro-zombies aboard their space ship and it's landing on earth as we speak! They unleash their astro-zombies all over the place with one goal: To KILL! And kill they do.....hordes of them hacking up innocent civillians with machetes in broad daylight in the middle of the city!

Of course, the government gets do they stop this? And there's TURA SATANA (Faster Pussycat Kill Kill!) to deal with.. She's EVIL and she has Dr. Demarco's ORIGINAL astro-zombie recipe and she's selling it to terrorists!

It looks like the world is doomed.........the reptile creatures are paralyzing humans with laser beams and abducting them into their ASTRO-ZOMBIE army!

"With just a touch of my burning hand,
I send my astro zombies to rape this land,
Prime directive, exterminate the whole human race"------ THE MISFITS

What fun!!!! Of course the good aliens have to show up in their space ship and kill the bad guys and ruin the day for everybody but that's ok! It's still a good movie...

Astro Zombies - The Misfits


Kny said...

Damn Steve... the last few entries are great. Cool shit man.

Steve Smith said...

Thank you.

David Abstract said...

Damn you Steve!
Why must you tempt me with these brilliant films that are unavailable in my DVD region?
Maybe I can BitTorrent it ;-)

Steve Smith said...

This one is available in a 2008 printing that is for all regions. The 2004 edition was for region 1 only. Or you can Bit Torrent it...