Monday, December 8, 2008


Who the hell is this guy with the ugly mug? It's Arch Hall, Jr., the worst rockabilly singer of all time! I've seen WILD GUITAR and I swear, he cannot carry a tune to save his life!! And his acting! It's just as bad as his singing, or so I thought........

Then this movie THE SADIST caught my eye. It had gotten some good reviews but I was highly skeptical..... but I broke down and bought it and it blew me away!

Made in 1963 by James Landis, THE SADIST is one hell of a suspense movie that never lets you off your guard. An escaped homicidal maniac and his girlfriend are hiding out in the middle of the desert at an old gas station. A group of teachers are on their way to a baseball game, but they start having car trouble. And guess where they take it to get fixed? In the hands of DEATH they are...The teachers wind up being held hostage for their car. Charlie (the escaped maniac played perfectly by Arch Hall, Jr.) and his girlfriend need it to move on.. One of the teachers knows how to fix cars a little so once the car is fixed everyone will be ok. Or so we think.....But you see, Charlie is, for lack of a better phrase, a sick fuck. He tortures these poor people and makes them squirm, and kills them off one by one. And he loves it. His girlfriend backs him up.....they have no remorse. They don't even really want the car!

For most of the movie, all you do is watch these people come to their end in a stark black and white desert landscape and it grates on your nerves you need a cigarette because this movie is way ahead of its time and you have to see what happens next so you stick it out until the end then you go get a drink somewhere to wind down........Well, what are you waiting for?

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