Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Tubeway Army

Tubeway Army was a highly innovative band that was around from 1977-1979. Their sound was a unique fusion between punk and science fiction and the perfect blend of guitars and synthesizers. The music is coldly futuristic, catchy, and way ahead of its time. Gary Numan's bizarre, paranoid, science fiction-laced lyrics about androids and such are top notch, and sound as if they could have come from a Philip K. Dick novel. His voice is detached yet melodic and fits perfectly with the music, sounding almost like a more futuristic Bowie. The best part about Tubeway Army is the way the guitars and the cold synths work together to create a perfectly clean and hyptonic sound. Their best album is "Replicas", with their self-titled debut album coming in second. In the early 1980's, Gary Numan went solo, releasing the hit single "Cars". Though still impressive, his solo work is not a quite as strong as his work with Tubeway Army in my opinion.

Here's "Are Friends Electric?", "We Are So Fragile", and "Down in the Park", three of Tubeway Army's many great songs.

We Are So Fragile - Tubeway Army

Down In The Park - Tubeway Army

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