Thursday, December 11, 2008


"Nothing has ever stripped your nerves as screamingly raw as THE GORE GORE GIRLS!" So goes the promo for this Herschell Gordon Lewis splatter fest.....and for once the teaser is dead-on because you will be needing a shower, some psyhco-therapy, and a barf bag(if you're the squeamish type) after you've feasted your eyes on this blood feast to end all blood feasts!

Made in 1972 at the end of H.G Lewis' career as a filmmaker, THE GORE GORE GIRLS pulls no punches. H.G. Lewis(a.k.a "The Godfather of Gore") was embittered with film-making at the time so he made a gore film that would be his most extreme and memorable and yet poke fun at all the trappings of the genre.

And extreme it is! This movie is all out gore. There is no point in mentioning the plot, and the acting is wooden and overdone far the worst acting ever in an H. G. Lewis film.

So here's the deal. Go-go dancers are being gruesomely murdered in ways unheard of and we are shown every deep red detail. The camera does not flinch. It stays glued on the mayhem, and you have no choice but to watch more. You will see eyes gouged out, faces deep-fried until the skin melts off, brains and intestines everywhere, faces burned with irons, buttocks tenderized with a meat tenderizer until they bleed, nipples cut off with scissors(white milk comes out of one, chocolate milk comes out the other) get the point.
There is a detective out there looking for the killer somewhere, but the way this movie is made, you don't care if they find the killer or not because it's just gore gore gore all the way through!
Do you have the nerve to tackle THE GORE GORE GIRLS? I hope so, because if you don't, you're missing out...
'Til next time,
"I ain't nothing but a gore hound"

Here's a hilarious go-go dancing clip from the movie:

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