Saturday, December 27, 2008

Orange Goblin's "Time Travelling Blues"

I just received Orange Goblin's early classic "Time Traveling Blues"(1999) as a Christmas gift the other day. It is the missing link to my Orange Goblin collection. It is only their second album, and their insane biker metal sound would not flourish until a few years later, but this album has some killer tracks. Infinitely better than their first release "Frequencies from Planet 10"(1997), "Time Travelling Blues" is still a straight ahead wear your influences on your sleeve effort, but their sound is starting to come into it's own. It sounds like a cross between Kyuss, early Metallica, and early Sabbath, with some dabbling in space rock, wah-wah, and organ thrown in.

"Time Traveling Blues" starts out really heavy, with James Hetfield-like vocals on "Blue Snow" and "Solarisphere", and gets trippier with more melodic vocals as the album progresses, especially with "Lunarville 7, Airlock 3" and the excellent spaced out final track "Time Traveling Blues".

Here's "Blue Snow", the addictive first track from "Time Traveling Blues". Enjoy.

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